10 Popular Hobbies That Make Money

For the budding entrepreneurs out there, hobbies that make money are a great way to increase income while doing something you love to do.

In these uncertain economic times, why not use your passion for a pastime or hobby – something that you want to be doing anyway – to bring in some cash?

It’s a great idea, and – depending on how you build your business and your skillful use of the Internet as a business tool – your hobby can end up being very profitable!

Making Money with Your Hobbies

Any hobby can be turned into a lucrative business. There are some hobbies that can be more profitable, more quickly however, based on the demand for a product or service. Some of those include:

Freelance Photography

There is a never-ending need for photography today, enabling even skilled amateurs to make money. Photo services that specialize in topics (like pets, kids, sports, etc..), selling stock photography and offering custom photography services are just a few ideas where photography can be profitable.

Pet-Related Business or Service

Making products for pets, or offering pet-related services is a great way to make money with your hobby. Grooming, dog walking, pet sitting, dog biscuit bakery and obedience training name just a few options for pet lovers.


One of the most popular ways to put a hobby to work, crafting offers a never-ending list of possibilities for the creative minded individual and, best of all, people love buying handcrafted items. Some ideas include jewelry making, knit and crochet, sewing, baking, quilting, furniture making, floral arranging, handmade soap and more!


Gardeners with a bit more of an entrepreneurial spirit can earn by growing herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables and selling them locally. Whether selling from a stand of your own, at a farmer’s market or to local businesses, gardening can be a way to turn time spent into cool, green cash.

Hunting and Fishing

2 very popular niches, fishing and hunting both offer numerous opportunities. From bass fishing to deer hunting, any outdoorsman with an entrepreneurial spirit can make some extra cash.


A hobby of writing stories can become a published series of short stories, novels, teen novels or children’s books quite easily these days. For the more literal-minded, offering writing or editing services is something that can be very profitable once you have established yourself with a good portfolio, too.

Flea Marketing

One of the more well known hobbies that make money, flea marketing can definitely be both fun and profitable at the same time. Learn what types of items are resalable at a profit, then bring them home, clean them up and list them on eBay!

Give Lessons

This one is easy! Whatever you love doing, find someone else who wants to learn how and teach them. Offer lessons in person, or online via videos, slide presentations and eBooks.

More Unusual Hobbies that Make Money

People can make money involved in more unusual hobbies, too. Depending on the hobby, you could actually end up making more money since there are probably less people involved in trying to make money with some of these hobbies:

Object Finding

Regardless of how it’s done – metal detecting, magnet fishing, coin and stamp sorting or other ways – searching for treasure can be a fun hobby that can make money if you find the right things. Jewelry, watches and valuable coins and stamps can be sold to collectors, or on eBay. Depending on the items, sometimes people advertise them locally as lost and offer rewards, too.

Storage Unit Auctions

The TV series “Storage Wars” has brought some light to the fact that there is lots of money to be made bidding on the contents of abandoned or confiscated storage units, or on auctions in general. Some people leave behind some really amazing and valuable things; it’s possible to sell individual items for profits.

A Note About Hobbies That Make Money

Obviously, the different ways of making money with hobbies are endless; whatever you like to do, chances are you can make money at it. In order to succeed however, keep in mind that you should have a professional website that offers quality content and is well optimized so that people can find you. Whether you offer physical items or services, online or offline, having an Internet presence is critical today to any business. If you become the expert for your desired hobby business online, you stand to gain the most customers so strive to be the best at what you love to do.